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品牌始终推崇“女性独立而美”的生活方式以及“始于爱 成于心”的品牌理念。

Peggy潜心投入美妆护肤行业多年,坚持使用来自全球各地的珍贵原料,始终坚持“3P”原则,并率先打造“全球直造”的供应链网络,以“全球直造”整合全球优质资源,为女性提供尖端优质的产品。2020年,Peggy荣获TheGreenCarpet FashionAwards「女性影响力奖」,希望通过真珠美学这个品牌,传播更多的正能量,影响更多的女性。

Pearlosophy is a light and luxurious skincare brand created by founder Peggy Sun in 2016.

The brand believes in the‘independent beauty’ lifestyle concept of ‘created by the heart, made with love’

The brand believes in empowering women and creating a “beautiful and independent” lifestyle. All products are made with love.

Peggy has committed herself to the beauty industry and uses only the best ingredients from all over the world, upstanding the‘3P’ principles in production and pioneering a ‘Global Suppy Chain’which integrates optimal resources from the world to deliver superior products which cater to the skincare needs of every woman. In 2020, Peggy won the Green Carpet Fashions ‘Woman’s influence award’, hopefully through the platform of pearlosophy we will be able to continue to positively impact more women around the world.

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